Craig would not take "no" for an answer from the State Dept, DHS, or the Embassy of France. He kept on them.

I was a J-1 exchange visa as a grad student with a requirement to return to my native country for at least two years. Unfortunately I got bad advice from an unscrupulous lawyer and I took my dream job at a museum in the US. Long story short, years later after getting a PhD and getting married, I found out there was an ineligibility due to my failure to return to my native country and I couldn't adjust status. Craig was so helpful!! He knew how to overcome the ineligibility and to obtain a waiver. He masterfully worked with the embassy of my native country, the State Dept, DHS, my former employers and sponsors, and even a Senator to get me the waiver. He would not take no for an answer. I trust him so much.

CF, France, PhD and curator