Registered Nurse (RN) Recruiting & Onboarding Service

Full-service international recruiting for US health-care providers
  • Nurses recruited and on staff of US health-care providers in UNDER 120 days*
  • Fully qualified and with at least 4 years experience including 2 years in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • All visa and legal administration tasks performed
  • Full acclimatization, living, and transport provided
* Special conditions apply to rapid placements
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Why choose nurses
from Roth Lebe?

Substantial Experience
All nurses have worked in their country of origin for at least 2 years and then 2 more in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi or Qatar.
Full Qualifications
All are fully qualified having passed rigorous background checks before working in Gulf region hospitals.
Full Technical Ability
Technically competent from having worked on the most up-to-date medical equipment at Gulf hospitals including Rashid and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City.
Resourcefulness & Adaptability
Quick adaptation to new work environments as well as with patients and staff from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Proven 3-Step Recruitment Process

Supported by our rigorous and consistent attention to detail
  • Constant local recruitment ensures a ready pool of candidates
  • Candidates are pre-screened reducing new hire lag-time
  • We pre-interview candidates to minimize surprises
  • Visa-screen process ensures no un-necessary admin delays
  • You're provided short-lists of  well matched candidates
  • We confirm the CGFNS visa screen certificate
  • Your interviews are only with fully prepared candidates
  • We file the I-140 petition
  • Scheduling & preparation for visa interviews
  • All post-arrival legal tasks
  • Cultural orientation prior to travel ensures smooth arrival
  • Transport & corporate housing
  • Orientation upon arrival to ensure acclimatization
  • Additional assistance:
    Drivers Licenses, Bank Accounts, Social Security Cards, School Registrations

Why use Roth Lebe for Foreign Recruiting?

Expertise, care and proven delivery time and time again

Achieve higher returns on your investment

  • Save on the high cost of contract nurses with our low fixed-fee pricing
  • Hire more loyal candidates with over 82% retention for employees sponsored for green cards*
* “Sponsoring green cards, an important employee retention tool, states survey”, Times of India, April 24, 2021

Save time with our streamlined process

  • Fill a role in approximately 90-120 days
  • Eliminate the “middleman” (local recruiters and staffing agencies)
  •  Accelerate the timeline for I-140 petition approval by initiating pre-screening process with CGNFNS
  • Jump-starting the NCLEX process saves time

Improve the culture of your workplace

  • Hiring experienced nurses with diverse international experience can make nurse managers jobs easier
  • Staffing permanent hires improves morale and reduces disruption associated with contract and travel nurses